My update on L130 printer with Linux

13 Ιουλίου, 2016 (08:57) | Υλικό | By: chomwitt


Update: 7/2016  of the Initial article Installing epson L130 inkjet inktank printer in Debian 8

My h-node report.

Isnt any other linux libre soul out there having L130? anyway. that’s an update on my adventure with L130 with a debian 8 box. .(although i have a feelling that the ‘adventurous’ aspect in part is due to the tech itself and not to blame the limped in functionality linux driver. .)

Less than a year with L130 used exclusive wth my Linux box.

I use the blob drivers from epson:

This program links the following object codes which are distributed under the conditions of

packaged in a nice deb : epson-inkjet-printer-201401w_1.0.0-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb    (also has a gpled ppd – cups related stuff)

After some days (most) propably a week of non-use i experienced issues with
low print quality . My first thougth was : “will linux-driver has a decent way
to perform some troubleshooting -  like checking and clearing the print heads.

The cups interface unfortunately doesnt offer sth. Just a test page.

Fortunately reading the manual there is an option to do a ‘checking and
cleaning by press-combos’ of the two main on-print buttons.

I performed the ‘printer head cleaning’ three times so far

After each ‘head cleaning’ i printed the ‘nozzle chech pattern’

Definately there was improvement.

But yellow collor is now missing.

Well in the manual just below the ‘Improve Print Quality’ section there is a ‘Replacing
Ink inside the ink tubes’ section starting with

‘If u have not use the printer for a long time (is a week a long time??) and notice banding or missing colors in printouts, u mayneed to replace the ink inside the ink tubes to solve the problem with the Power Ink Flusing’ utility .

No ‘Printer keys’ combo for this one though!. So i did sth that should be done .. i continued with Windows.

I did a dozen (not kidding, a dozen i mean 12 !!) cleaning of print heads because i saw that after each one the gaps on the pattern were reduced until i settled to 2 only gaps in BW
and 1-3 in color (i can be sure in yellow)

At least is comforting that with L130 window’s users color level feedback is the same as for Linux users ,,, that is eye inspection of the Ink tanks !! :-) (speaking of inktank inspection ..that black tank seems diffucult to check.)

(For grekk readers) Στα windows  Η καρτέλα ‘Συντήρησης’ του εκτυπωτή που είναι προσβάσιμη όποτε δίνουμε εντολή εκτύπωσης και από τον πίνακα ελέγχου περιέχει
τις σχετικές επιλογές Έλεγχος ακφοφυσίων’ (στην ουσία εκτυπώνει τη σελίδα με τα σχετικά μοτιβα) και ‘Καθαρισμός κεφαλής’ (οπου καθαρίζονται τα ακροφύσια).

Υπάρχει και η επιλογή .’Δυναμικη’ έκπλυση μελανίο) που αντιστοιχεί  λογικά στην αφαίρεση μελάνης από τα σωληνάκια. η οποία χρησιμοποιεί αρκετή μελάνη και μειώνη το χρόνο ζωής των pads (σφουγγαράκια που
αποροφφούν πλεονάζον μελάνι(